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Tuesday 3/29 10:30-10:45
I can say that we can't say that they are one group that does it. That they all groups and they came all over. I do see that they are not one group and that she say that. They are not all the say group and from the place we think. We think the of one group and that is not what we need to do that is why they don't like to make a it on that.
I do see how terrorism is part of culture and the way the they they use them. They use it to make us know what they want and to make us fear them. Have it means we have to see how we can get from this. That is why it can make you see what does it mean and how to get use it to not make it any more in are life. I can say that we see it and don't know what we think needs to be done, we can only hope that they can stop it and to make it a good place to live and not to live with so much fighting with them.
I think that they way we see race is by how we look. I do think that we have to get police that are able to use force and not be able to be push back by the hurting. The man did not make it and I think that that they can you to much force but there is a fine line in what they can do. The force that they use can be good but if they the force is to hard they can hurt the person they are using it with. The police need to be helped in this cause you have them scared to use force on them. The way that it happen is sad that they did this to him but, I also think that they need to use force on them. It does not have to much but if you don't use it why are they going to do what you say. The eye on what they did but what they did after. The citizens that protest can't have it get nuts. They have to come in and get what is equal to all.
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Feb 22, 2016