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It's really a shame that the readers need to do the work of the "journalist". Senator Portman has stated that he is not in favor of privatizing Social Security. The "journalist" has not posted a quote from Portman stating otherwise. He has simply presented OFTs allegation as fact. To top it all off, the "journalist" has failed to point out the irony of OFTs request. State teachers have a private retirement system! And it pays a much better return than Social Security. Yet its not good enough for the plebs, only those with connections to big government. This my friends, is why I cancelled my subscription to The Blah years ago. This kind of "journalism" simply isn't worth paying for.
gimme a break. Haddad's signs are a running joke. It's like, "what's he running for now"? sorry you forgot to cover everything up. Stick to hair.
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Mar 1, 2016