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Oh man I envy your whole trip. I have only lived in Germany for 2 years while we were stationed there, and spent a day in EuroDisney for my daughter's 2nd birthday. But I never really got to travel. And I ADORE history. Although the town of Ipofen ( was very historical and so was the house inside the wall, which is surrounded by a moat if you can belive it. But being of Scottish and Irish ancestry I have always wanted to live in Great Britain and explore every inch of every island at my leisure lol. And I am such a huge J.K. Rowling fan that I am super jealous of your train ride.
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Queen Victoria was not a very loving, not hands on mother. But she was very strict. I cant wait to read this book. I watched a movie, I think it was called The Lost Prince and it was based on this same thing and was VERY good. Then like any of my other historical reading I did follow up research on the primary players and discoved that the movie was almost spot on. One little quirk the little prine had was to conduct "inspections" of his nanny and other servants.
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I have to agree with you on The Accolade. It is one of my favorite paintings as well. Although I had never seen the Mmeting on the Turret Stair, I have to say it may be a new favorite of mine. Thank you so very much for including these along with their stories and locations. It makes them much easier to research later.
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