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Malcolm, I have a son, Richard, your age, I also have a husband, Bill, who has been through an experience like you describe in BLINK, in re cop chase and dog brain follow-up: He was driving back from Del Taco to home when he was stopped by a cop... he didn't like the experience, so he put his car in gear and proceeded home at 25 mph, realizing that he was now followed by many (18) cop cars and a helicopter as well..... when he arrive at home, they removed him from his car, put him up against the wall, and 14 cops started beating on him with implements that did not cause much in the way of bleeding...this went on for 42 minutes, at which time a superior officer decided "That's enough," and they arrested him and took him to a secure part of a hospital, in cardiac arrest according to the nurse in charge, where he managed to recover enough to survive, by deep breathing... he was held on the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest for some weeks until it was changed legally (?) to a felony, whereupon they charged him with a felony..... sounds like dog brain behavior all around to me... I was not married to him or with him at the time...this happened in the 1990s in Apple Valley, operation run by the San Bernardino, CA Sheriff's Department, and we suspect they may have been in cahoots with the Alphabet agencies of the Fed as well... I have omitted his physical damage to spare your patience, but it was extensive..... I suspect that fear alone has prevented him from suing, as another elderly man was beaten and killed months earlier by the same people... we are now 77 and 82, and he still avoids being targeted. Thank you, have enjoyed OUTLIERS and BLINK so far, Jane Stilwell (I don’t actually know how to edit my website yet)
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Apr 14, 2016