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Here we are in The People's Socialist Republic of Illinois. Another wasteland of elected near-do-wells that know how to dictate the lives of their constituents. Giffords just needs to take her opinions and anti-American attitude somewhere it is appreciated, like, Russia or Communist China. We need to remember, not forget State Senator Harmon and Representative Willis when they expect our votes! let's deny them their privilege to serve and send them to a fast food line. Make it clear to THEM we do not appreciate nor respect their intrusion and insult to our Constitutional Rights. What part of the definition of "shall NOT be infringed" do you NOT understand?? This will prove to be a disaster. It will cost jobs. It will drive business out of the state. It will embolden criminals and create a black-market not seen since Prohibition. So Honorable (dis) Senator Harmon and un-Representative Willis you choose to punish honest business establishments and criminalize citizens legal rights! SHAME ON YOU!!! Cowards... do nothing to criminals but do penalize We The People!
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As a Vietnam veteran I am appalled at the conditions my brothers are subject to. Even though I have been promised benefits as condition of my enlistments, I manage to have and pay for medical insurance rather than being treated as less than illegal immigrants. I have discussed this with my wife (also a veteran , retired) that to never take me to the VA. Dump me on a curb by a trauma center with no ID and leave me. The government and elected officials like Mark Kirk and Tammy Duckworth couldn't care less! To them it is all about votes and empty promises and what is in it for them!
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Apr 28, 2016