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@anne..SUPER DELEGATES have super vote. As far as Krugman, Is he asking why Dodd and Frank both left immediately after creating the Dodd Frank act, both DEMS ? And I remember democrats saying how racist it is no one can get a loan so DEMS got there way with new laws. NYTIMES is scary. THey will not let you comment unless they approve your message. I know NYTIMES was having financial issues. Obama has solved NOTHING. All Krugman and the DEM ilk has done was make everyone mad and more in debt. Since Obama has been distorting the GDP and economy they have no clue now which way is up. Bush doubled debt. Obama has doubled debt from 9 to 20 Trillion before he leaves. All these people are about is BLAME, inequality. Energy Czar scandal ? Obamacare website cost ? Changing how they measure GDP ? Many times Krugman/NYTIMES and radical left will BLAME weather, or BLAME china, or BLAME sexist or BLAME REPUBS or BLAME tea party. How can you blame tea party for Cruz is with you ? Krugman IS NOW BLAMING usa citizens for buying cheap goods his latest brainstorm. YES we are to blame not his inquality social engineering globalism that people in USA have lost jobs and unemployment is spun to be 4.8% and falling? How much quantitative easing did Obama and social engineers do ? Was it 5 Trillion ? so called bond stimulus ? Mr. Krugman should get out in the USA and see what his policies created and stop reading NYTIMES. Other newspapers are just as bad.
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May 22, 2016