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SOME people think it's THEIR duty to keep an "eye on" potential criminals - try dressing in leather and chains and pull up to the maildump on a Harley - you WILL get "eyeballed" by someone. I have EXACTLY the same problem as th chick you ragged on with postal mail in the 98118 - and YES, people do "risk" being caught, but when EVERYONE thinks of you as an outsider, no one would ever testify FOR YOU against their neighbors. I have a local carrier that has some kind of problem with my family and I and HAS for at least a decade. I've had a dozen (uninsured) packages get delivered to neighbors when I paid for signature , overnite, door delivery. I've had the USPS carrier tell me HE gets to decide where he delivers a package, I've had FedEX =in email= tell me their carriers decide what's most convenient for them. Funny thing is EVERY package with the OBVIOUS green insurance tag affixed in plain sight gets delivered every time. Freakishly, NO ONE, not Amazon, not eBay, will add it - they all say it's unnecessary. The USPS carrier has become so unreliable he delays or "loses" packages sent to mail name @ an AMAZON LOCKER in the 98118. Paranoid? Hardly, an atheist group did some tests and found packages with atheist organization's return address were lost as much as 10x more than the "plain brown boxes". Ditto for porn mags & =MOTHER JONES=! I want a PO box too, but I'll have to get it outside my zip code because this guy is aiding and abetting mail theft - and his bosses ignore complaints, as has the Postal Inspection Service. You think mail carriers are some kinda angels? Google it - they steal and manipulate mail all the time. In my case I doubt it's racial. No need to attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence...
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Jun 11, 2016