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Mike Felker
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Speaking from many years of experience and research, I agree with Jberr above. The Governing Body must first be refuted, which is their authority structure through which they interpret all doctrine. Not having biblical answers to some Trinitarian arguments is usually not a problem for the. Why? Because the Governing Body knows better than you. However, if you can show biblically that the Governing Body itself is not biblical, nor chosen in 1919 as the faithful slave, then the JW will have less confidence in their interpretation. You could also tackle the two class theology issue to indirectly dismantle the Governing Body. From that point, you can have a fruitful theological dialogue on important doctrines like the deity of Christ. In conclusion, just because a doctrine is crucially important, doesn't mean it's always the wisest first-in-line approach. Sometimes, examining the presuppositions should take precedence. And that is most definitely the case with JW's. If Mr. Barnett has good reason to show that the person of Christ should be the "best" topic to discuss, I would like to know the reasons. It seems that this position was assumed rather than demonstrated.
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Jul 22, 2016