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- Phelps and Lochte favorable/unfavorable - Favorite NFL team? - Russia and Putin favorable/unfavorable - Would you consider voting for Trump if he apologized for some of the the comments he's made? - Support building a wall on the Mexican border? - Support building a wall on both Atlantic and Pacific oceans? - Support banning Muslims? - Support banning immigrants from dangerous areas? - Would you still support Clinton if more e-mails come out? - Looking ahead to the debates, how much impact will they have on your vote? - Kasich vs Clinton
- Utah Vs. Utah State Vs. BYU - Ted Cruz Vs. Donald Trump - Romney favorable rating - Support building a wall between Colorado/Nevada? - Support building a wall on Mexican border? - Support building a wall on Canadian border? - Utah Jazz favorable rating - Support legalization of Marijuana in Utah? - Would you support a NFL team in Utah?
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2016 on Utah Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
- Ted Cruz favorable rating - Texas Vs. Texas A&M Vs. University of Houston - Astros or Rangers - Tony Romo/Dez Bryant favorable rating - Eagles favorable rating - Clinton, Trump, or John Cena?
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2016 on Texas Question Suggestions at Public Policy Polling
Also,try to poll some replacements if Trump quits. Paul Ryan Vs. Clinton John Kasich Vs. Clinton Ted Cruz Vs. Clinton
Cam Newton favorable rating. North Carolina Vs. Duke? Raleigh, Charlotte, or Durham? Trump Vs. Clinton Vs. Patrick Star
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Aug 3, 2016