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Russell Moore is the perfect embodiment of a wolf in sheep's clothing. He and every Southern Baptist that takes Moore's side in this is advocating for that which God finds detestable. Is advancing paganism in America (or anywhere else for that matter) part of Christ's commission? Paul only preached Christ and Him crucified. He never set about supporting the building of Temples of Diana. And Christians had it very rough in those days. When Russell Moore is facing the Lord at Judgement, if the Lord asks him why he took up the cause of Islam, does anyone think Moore will be able to cite his twisted and quite ahistorical spin of the United States Constitution? And besides all that, his arguments are pitiful. If you want to protect Christian liberty, you do not swamp your once Christian homeland with highly incompatible foreign people from the other side of the world. People who are hostile to you, your race, your liberty, your country, your culture, your people, your faith, and most of all, the Lord Christ. Neither Russell Moore nor anyone else can point to a single nation in Europe that is better off for having imported Muslims into their homeland. It is a disaster in EVERY SINGLE CASE, bar none. And yet when Europe was the center of Christendom and was strong in faith, they repeatedly fought and kept the Muslims from overtaking them, from raping their women, and from subjugating them all as dhimmis. It was only after their faith had almost fully weakened and dwindled a couple decades after WW2 that they no longer had the Christian clarity to keep these anti-Christ people away. And now they are defenseless against a Satanic people in THEIR OWN COUNTRY, with no 2nd Amendment, and a government who could not care less, like Russell Moore. Does anyone in the Southern Baptist Convention look beyond Fox or the TV for their news? Is it not commonly known what disgusting ways the Muslims are victimizing the native European peoples? Is importing, sponsoring, and spreading evil in the United States God's will for American Christianity. And if Russell Moore naively thinks that Muslims are "our mission field," let him suit up and move to the Middle East commence to turning them into good Baptists. If Southern Baptists can't keep their own people in the pews, what makes them think they're awesome enough to convert Muslims. Shouldn't the Southern Baptist Convention instead concern itself with all the people they have lost? I wonder if Russell Moore has even studied the mind boggling history of this Satanic death cult, which is not only a religion, but an ideology as well. Does he even know what Taqqiya is? Rolling out the welcome mat for hostile non-Christians and other 3rd worlders, who will most assuredly vote Democrat, will guarantee that we completely lose the courts, the Supreme Court especially. It also assures more Cultural Marxism populating our political class, and an always compliant media willing to be its propaganda arm. Christian bakers, caterers, photographers, wedding singers, wedding planners, wedding venue owners, etc., have ALREADY had their Freedom of Association, of Religion, and of Speech violated by the courts, and now the anti-Christ enemies of God smell blood in the water. They're just getting warmed up, and there is plenty more they have in mind for the disciples of Christ. What this means is that they're Satanic. Why does Russell Moore want to help them? And not only do they want to important an arrogant, aggressive, and barbaric enemy class of pagans from the Middle East, but they would unarm us as well, leaving us with no means to protect ourselves. The 2nd Amendment is the one they've been dreaming about for a long time, and they will very likely go for it piecemeal over the next eight years if the #NeverTrump gets their way. Russell Moore is a traitor to his fellow Americans. Russell Moore is a traitor to his fellow Christians. And Russell Moore is a traitor to Christ Almighty. Those who hold the will of God in its proper place of primacy have no choice but to send Russell Moore packing. He is bad, bad news. There is not even a sliver of daylight between him and the avowed Cultural Marxists, left-wingers, globalists, and George Soros. Moore is a liberal, and the Muslims for whom he advocates will not spare the flock. The OT is instructive in this regard. When Israel compromised with the pagans, they did so from a place of apostasy and faithlessness, and every single time they reaped the whirlwind of their foolishness. Muslims don't belong here. It's not un-Christian to say so. If it is, then that means millions of Christians were WRONG for the last 1400 years of Muslim history, and that only just now are we right. That is a decidedly arrogant and ahistorical view. Those Christians were wiser and stronger than we are. They weren't spoiled with seeker-friendly nonsense, and fancy churches with professional gyms. They were persecuted, and the persevered. We would do well to heed their example. Christ did not come to earth simply to form a club of people who were so milquetoast "nice" that they betrayed their Lord, committed cultural suicide, and failed to protect their families from the devil's own. Christ demand righteousness, also. Not the spread of evil. I implore all Southern Baptists: Please pray for discernment and Christian clarity. God is on His throne, and we serve no other.
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Aug 17, 2016