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Love that Indian saying! That's how I feel about the time change.
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Allison and Kristi: I've been reading your blog for a few years. Allison has summed up perfectly what I have been thinking about you and Jean-Marc moving to the U.S. It has been on my mind for a few weeks (you see how your readers love you!) but I did not think I could have formulated the comment Allison did so well! And she asked a friend who is a psychiatrist!! So my gut feeling was exactly what she says above, but I didn't know how to say it. The reason I do feel strongly about this is: I was married to a Frenchman also 1990-2012. The first 5 years of our marriage we lived in Paris. In 1995, for a variety of reasons (both professional and personal) we moved to the U.S. NJ/PA area where I have family. It certainly was not an easy thing to do, but we didn't have children to uproot or leave behind in France. Our marriage continued to be happy until about 2004, and eventually we divorced in 2012. I often believed during the years 1995-present that my ex-husband was/is depressed. As you know, being depressed puts a lot of stress on a marriage. And the change of country did not help. Was it the cause? Well it didn't help in any case. My Parisian husband now has U.S. citizenship, a career in the U.S., a house, all the trappings of a normal U.S. life, but of course he misses France. But he would never go back as at his age (63) it would be impossible to "start over". In fact he is nearing retirement age in the U.S. I still have dual citizenship of course, and love France as well as my native U.S.A. And I still miss France, although I have adapted better here. And of course my family is here. I could write reams and reams to you, Kristi, with my thoughts along these lines. But when I read Allison H's comment. I thought: Please Listen to her and don't jump the gun on this. Thanks for a great column - that is an understatement.. Yours most sincerely, Tracy Hart, Vero Beach, FL
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Nov 4, 2016