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Thanks for your complete answer. It really helped me.
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I'm also confused about hyphenated words in title case. 1. In case of hyphenated words, when two of their words are not capitalized? Can you give me an example? 2. Should "pre-editing" be capitalized like this: Pre-Editing?
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Thanks a lot. Can it be concluded that the word in the parenthesis and the word attached to it are considered as one word in APA6? So if parenthesis comes first, it will be capitalized, and if parenthesis is the last part it will start with small letters?
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I've got a question. I have a word within parenthesis in title case: (mis)representation. I have no idea what to do with the word "mis" and "representation". Should I capitalize both? (I know that "mis" as a prefix with three letters should not be capitalized, but the parenthesis makes me confused. About "representation", I know that as a content word it should be capitalized, but again parenthesis...) Thanks in advance
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Jan 29, 2017