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Well, now. In doing some web searching I just happened across this by chance, and found the pleasant surprise that there was a simple fix for a problem with my radio that suddenly appeared, what, probably a couple of years ago. Since the radio more or less still worked, I sort of just resigned myself to the thing having malfunctioned, and maybe at some point I would buy another one. I was actually searching the web to see if there was a local store selling them. So cool to suddenly discover that there was a basic explanation for the problem with a quick simple fix, not mentioned in the manual at all for some reason despite coming with a fairly thick manual for a simple clock radio! It's extremely weird to have had that problem suddenly appear, for no apparent mysterious reason. Reading the description, the "hospitality mode" for the kind of settings mention is actually a really nifty design idea. Just bizarre that this would suddenly kick in for some unknown reason. Thanks!
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Jun 19, 2017