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Amanda. 1. I am happy you agree with 1. 2. I have also played with the thought of payments to editors, referees, and/or with fees for submitting, and am still fairly positive about it, but only enough to think we need to brainstorm about the consequences. I am little bit scared it would only become one more way to get more money for publishers. But it would at least acknowledge (if only symbolically) that refereeing is valuable. 3. Yes, I apply for jobs worldwide, but I have a family so it has depended on our family situation over the course of the last 16 years how far afield I have applied. 4. And, yes. I suspect you are right in thinking the US is different, although I think in the UK an American high-ranked PhD school also matters highly. But am I right in thinking that this only relevant for junior positions? Again I agree that for teaching schools what matters is experience, but also they tend to favour the persons already in place. Finally, the article generalises and exaggerates for provacative purposes, but I still think there is a grain of truth in it (perhaps more ;) )
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Apr 18, 2018