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I came here via Free Range Kids. I really hope you heed some of the warnings written on this page. What they did was not okay and you certainly shouldn't be understanding of it. They are not your friends and please get a better attorney. One thing I've learned reading the horror stories of CPS from accounts not unlike yours it that you do not let them into your home. They got away with a lot with your permission. One comment here isn't that off the mark how they pick on the functional families and yet abused kids remain, or so it seems. I wouldn't be surprised if this neighbor called police AFTER she took your son home and wasn't satisfied with your non-reaction to him being outside your house alone. She felt probably prompted to smugly think, "I'll show her" and calls the police to teach you a lesson. This is not being neighborly or concerned. Your children have a right to play outside and the only threat to them is what has happened with the neighbor, the police, and CPS drumming up charges. Start wallking the neighborhood yourself, see if there are any other families there for your children to play with, educate hesitant parents. If there are homeowners association meetings, talk about this incident and how this should be a safe place for kids to play without harassment and threats and how it isn't neighborly to call the cops on children playing outside, a healthy thing. If more kids are playing outside, it would be normal again, like when we were kids. This is an opportunity to educate and take a stand. Read up on Free Range Kids (more like having a normal childhood), there are many tips on how to placate the grossly overestimated fears. You are being the better parent as they will grow into self sufficient adults, having the confidence to navigate themselves and better problem solvers. That can't happen with a parent constantly standing over them.
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Sep 16, 2014