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Thank you Ruth for this little trip down memory lane. I was there for dinner in the mid 1980's with a girlfriend. We were young, and studying French for the summer in Paris. In our budget, we factored in certain indulgences to be enjoyed, and a fantastic dinner was one of them. We chose Ledoyen. It was beyond fantastic. Comical too. When we arrived for our reservation we were given a terrible table...for exactly 2, behind a curtain, and as I remember it, a dessert cart. Not even really a table. When we objected, they escorted us to the garden for a drink, and said they would see what they could do. When we ordered a bottle of Bollinger champagne, (we had read at home in Toronto that it was very trendy at the time) they escorted us to a fabulous table near a grand piano , and French doors overlooking the garden. Dinner was indescribable. And yes, we did order a second bottle of champagne, and feasted for hours. We weren't fooling around when we budgeted for that memory of a lifetime dinner. Sigh... thank Ruth...with love from Anne Marie and Ann.
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Oct 12, 2014