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I think this might be off enjoyment to some
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2021 on Help? at The Online Photographer
The GFX seems promising, especially when considering its just a little more expensive than a 1D or D5. I think that one is in my future, but indeed, a new computer is a must as well.
The Surface studio really looks like an excellent choice for photographers. Considering the prices vs wacom cintiqs its not even too expensive. Microsoft really has been doing rather nice machines lately. But as a Mac user this suprisingly gives me the Want Factor more than Mac products. I Must be sick...
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2016 on The Empire Strikes Back at The Online Photographer
Still going strong with a D70 ;) Sufficient enough, except maybe in mid-winter when its absolutely too dark here. (doing my OCOLOY with a D70 and a 35mm DX.. at ) But to the topic on hand. I agree that we are nearing sufficiency, albeit I think that will pretty much be the case when we see a camera with 40-50Mpix and great DR as well as good high iso. The A7Rmk2 seems to come close, but we shall see. I think its great that hopefully we will move more and more toward talking about the art and not the tools as we have for so many years now. I loved the post by David DuChemin where he ranted about craft vs art and this quote by him really sums it up: "When we have nothing interesting or important to say with our photographs, and I’m talking in broad strokes as a community in this particular place in time, all we have left is “look how good my camera is.”
HC fan reporting :D Been checking here even on Christmas day. Albeit only just to pop in and see if there is a new post. Jere
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2014 on Blog Note at The Online Photographer
I just yesterday fondled the CoolpiCoolpix A in the store and have to say that for a pocketable camera it is pretty much perfect in my opinion. With the price drop it is a real bargain.
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Dec 1, 2014