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I love this in pink! So inspiring. - Vicki
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Gorgeous Linda. Love the bright sparkly colours. Weekend started fabulously! a workshop in Melbourne (a first for me) with some people you may know (wink).
So lovely to! Fab cards. Of course the fox is the cutest!
A lovely card. Such patience to get all the die cuts back in their places. I hope your dog comes home soon. Vicki -
A fabulous job blending. Awesome card. - Vicki frommycraftroom
Congratulations! Well deserved. Hope you are back knitting soon. Vicki -
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2018 on Thank you at Little Cotton Rabbits
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Ah you have done a great job. Love you created something out of your comfort zone - Vicki frommycraftroom.wordpress
What a great bottle tag. Who wouldn't want that gift? Cheers - Vicki
These look so cute and lovely. I agree with Therese "more perfecter with chocolate" - Vicki
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2018 on Easy Valentine's Treat Boxes at A Happy Scramper
What a gorgeous card Linda. I think the stencil could be used for other things other than Christmas. Going to take a closer look at the Mudra stamp set too. - Vicki
Therese you have done a wonderful job. Congrats on your GDT! :) - Vicki
Such a beautiful card. - Vicki frommycraftroom
Fabulous background. Love the die cut over the top. - Vicki frommycraftroom
It was fun. Sorry I didn't see you to say "Hi". I was there Friday but came in the pre-paid ticket entry.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2017 on Where do I start at Lyn's thoughts..........
So sweet. This would brighten your day. Vicki frommycraftroom
This is stunning. Perfect for the mood board. Love the bright background colouring and the little higlight down the side. Vicki frommycraftroom
So pretty. Going to have to check out that word die - Vicki frommycraftroom.wordpress
Gorgeous card. I'm with Therese and I'm trying to resist the oxides! Vicki frommycraftroom
What a gorgeous card. Love your images. Vicki -
Perfect! So Summery - although tomorrow we might need the umbrella for the rain! The joy of living in Melbourne - Vicki frommycraftroom
So pretty. Love the silver embossing and shiny purple - just like a bauble on the tree. Vicki frommycraftroom
Gorgeous. Love the hint of gold. - Vicki frommycraftroom
Fabulous. Can see the inspiration. Love the bright colours. - Vicki frommycraftroom
Happy Anniversary. :) Congratulations. I am a reasonably new follower but enjoy seeing your fantastic photos and knitting in my blog feed. I always click over to read - even if I don't comment. Thank you for sharing such a great blog and your beautiful creations.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2016 on Ten years and a giveaway at Little Cotton Rabbits
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Just beautiful Linda - Vicki frommycraftroom