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P.S. I do enjoy your footnotes too!
Hey there! I never quite understand how theologians can conflate the temptation story as a premise to condemn Eve/woman but give Adam/man a pass. I love (love!) how you write "Would not the more logical implication be that they are disqualified from it, or at least that they have no more claim on it than women?" Indeed! In the story, both failed and both were driven from the garden. It wasn't like the story goes on to say that Adam stepped up and dissuaded Eve from her temptation or refused to succumb himself. Eve===the temptress. How about Adam=the wimp? I'm not trying to be flippant, I'm just saying. I also appreciated your pointing out how people will latch onto certain Pauline (or non-Pauline) lines to support their argument but ignore other ones. It's so frustrating. God created us all equally. Thank you for this post!
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Mar 13, 2015