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Great blog topic Michael. I have employed pretty much each of the terms mentioned above over the years. None of them satisfy my desire for clarity and value in my communications. So I developed the term "Social Skeptic" - as abbreviated by the moniker SSkeptic - both to intent the 'Capital S' Skeptic connotation, and as well to signify the nature of their method of promotion; ie. their employing social structures to target, obfuscate and vilify subjects and persons. The word debunker is not comprehensive enough however to elucidate in the mind of a philosophically uninitiated population that, a pseudo scientific agenda of promotion is also underway. A practice above and beyond simply agendas of baseless dismissal. SSkeptics promote a very detailed and specific religion. The religion is not optional, and we need to inform people about this aspect of its promotion. It is difficult to avert playing in the domain of pejorative disposition when one cites a person's history as manifestly pretentious, pseudo scientific and agenda driven. So we might as well be specific, informative and encompassing in such disposition terminology. Hence my use of the appropriately charged form "SSkeptic" - something which will elicit in the mind of a scientist, those all-to-familiar feelings of being monitored, and the apprehension to speak one's mind in certain circles. And remember, as a skeptic, it is ethical to maintain a neutral Pyyrhonian Epoche' around pluralistic topics (even if it pains one to do so); but nowhere in such ethics are we required to maintain an neutral disposition towards persons.
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Mar 29, 2015