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Loved this post. I've been doing some similar looking at the Christian traditions, frustrated that there is such little opportunity to do that in so many place. Yes I totally agree Joshua was afraid of structure and control breaking down and Mosses was just really cool with it all. Thank you for posting XX
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Rachel this is so lovely. I'm feeling lonely and a stranger in a lot of ways today and to know that God feels and understands that is so helpful. There is so much I want to say in response but it is all just motions of my heart and not real words to be able to articulate, but just thank you and such great timing Diane X
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Thanks for this Rachel. As a blogger, story writer, private tutor and studying for an MSc at the mo, I can see so much potential for this. I can see how I could use it to excite my young student (aged 12) hopefully, and also how to pull together random bits for assignments :) And I loved reading the Jewish Renewal article too Diane X
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Apr 23, 2015