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Although Codi Lewis is from the Ukraine I have read and one source says he’s 6’0” tall (a tall story where stretching some to fit the image, maybe?), and is quoted as saying he “always wanted to come to California” ... but his attitude suggests he likes playing being a Drama Queen rather more than being a porn actor. I have not seen any of the films he’s credited appearing in, but if Codi does not like the attention but likes taking his clothes off and showing what you can do with his dick, maybe he should only hire himself out by the hour as an Escort/Hustler/Prostitute or whatever is in vogue to describe such men, as then it could be seen between him and his client as “our little secret.” Porn studios on the whole have no scruples, principles or professional ethics in protecting the identity of those that work in front of the camera, so have very little time for such niceties, therefore these fly out of the window and they will possibly publicly out you the moment you have signed a contract as you then become their “public property” if you are going to appear in porn films, or am I wrong? Maybe, if Codi does not want his identity revealed, I would suggest he ought not to appear in gay, straight or any other kind of porn. He had the ability to stop it before he started, but he did not to keep his pants from dropping below his knees to become a man’s best friend, whether allegedly “straight” or gay ... or anything in between. Codi chose to flap his dick around for men as a “toy” to play with, and now wants us to look away ... and with his Drama Queen attitude, maybe they will?
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May 5, 2015