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I usually try to steer away from anything close to product endorsement ... but in this case I think readers deserve to be properly informed to keep things in their context. Olympus is just about to announce a new OMD-EM10 MkII camera most likely eclipsing older EM-5 this deal is all about. Expect some upgrades to be made most notably a higher resolution viewfinder and possibly fully articulated back screen. As they keep introductory price levels pretty steady this newcomer will initially sell at about $ 700 and offer very similar image quality to boot ... so in this case this is all about sum of small operational "fixes" rather than overall package upgrade. Advertised above OMD-EM5 Elite version in itself is a later incarnation of original product with minor tweaks already implemented ... it features more solid knurled dials and revised texture of faux leather body skin. I still have the original OMD-E5 and even now this is a very usable camera. The price drop makes this an even more interesting proposition but keep in mind that this is an intentional move by manufacturer to reduce excess stock of an older model before introduction of a new and improved one. So unless You need a camera for "yesterday" it could make some sense to wait and see ...
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Jul 9, 2015