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Speed Weed credit screenshots are one of my new favorite things. I think my maturity might've been stunted from reading superhero comics :( I completely agree with Tucker's assessment that, now that Big Two superhero comics are seen as a stepping stones toward creator-owned high-concept Image titles (which, let's be honest, are often another incremental step toward TV and movies for at least the writer), there are few modern ones which two-hours worth would match up with a corresponding film of the same length (luckily most of the films are more like three hours, right?) The last one I saw was Fantastic Four as well. I didn't enjoy it at all precisely because the train wreck seemingly bore out of squandered potential for originality, despite ripping off Akira similarly to the passable Chronicle. Josh Trank's whining about studio interference probably ruined any chance of a director's cut backing up that claim. But just like with Zack Snyder on occasion or Michael Bay, I want to like these sleazy, mass-produced franchise films because of how the slick studio production puts their directors' entertaining tics and fetishistic developmental hang-ups amusingly at the forefront. Like, imagine what Uwe Boll would do if one of his video game movies had a Marvel budget? Talk about the best sick day Netflix experience! Regarding the Mark-Millar-as-stalwart-vanguard praise, I just don't see it honestly. By now I've long accepted Millar's throwaway elevator pitch concepts and cutthroat multimedia pursuits because, as mentioned with the Image writers, everyone's trying to copy that success and, hey, at least he gets my favorite artists high-paying gigs. I still don't enjoy the comics because, unlike Moore or Morrison, dude may have good tastes but he has zero appreciation for the medium. Everything he scripts composition-wise is either to pack a lot of information into a panel to distract from what Jeff Lester coined as not being much "there there" or to make it more superficially cinematic. Even at times when I find Moore thematically tone-deaf or Morrison up his own ass, their work consistently pushes the medium forward in terms of experimentation with pacing and layout. It may be easier to recall many of Millar's crude one-liners and occasionally next-level fight sequences, but Morrison gets the most interesting pages out of Quitely. Jupiter's Legacy looked antiseptic to me by comparison with its less considered use of negative space and stacked widescreen panels. So sorry for foaming at the mouth there. Love the show.
The poster was Savages, but you've probably looked it up on your imported PS Vita's web browser by now. Please don't send me any Verotik comics.
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Jul 30, 2015