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No. Most chareidim, excluding some chassiddim, are very tolerant of anyone not exactly like them. Dress how you want. Manchester has big support programs geared towards those who feel they aren't fitting in. I think most frum communities have the same. They do not impose any stupid standards on anyone. They have the framework available for anyone who wants but if you don't want, you don't have to do anything. Before any idiot hacks against chareidim, they should get their fuckin facts right!
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And just to make things clear, there is no drug problem in Manchester. There are a very few people who use drugs! So you can't really complain if he is looked down at by some people. By the goyish they also look down at someone on drugs!
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Moshe was in my school and I remember him from there. He was not mistreated and actually had many private tutors to help him fit in_ to the class. And I, as a fresh graduate of the chareidi school system in Manchester, can tell you, that the teachers do not regularly hit and abuse kids. Moshe wasn't hit when I was in school with him, guaranteed! So stop talking all your bullshit and don't blame the community. It is true there are some narrow minded communities out there, Manchester included, but you can't blame all chareidim because of that. If you don't like it, then move to south Manchester where they aren't so narrow minded! And if you are going to still attack the chareidi community, better that you aaren't part of us LIVE AND LET LIVE!
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Sep 8, 2015