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Good article, I enjoyed reading it. I am a professional photographer as well as a family genealogist and have acquired a huge amount of digital images. I have had some opportunities to visit older relatives who had a lot of old photographs and took along my laptop as well as a smaller size scanner that I own and while we sat at the kitchen table looking through old albums I was able to do high resolution scans on images I would otherwise never had had access to. I have several professional editing programs and usually can restore damaged images. I normally keep TIFF files and then save the image as needed in smaller files if they are being sent out to family members, usually JPEG since it is easy to view on most computers. If I am saving the file for Legacy Family Tree media I save as a JPEG for screen viewing. As far as labeling and filing away my images I use the same RIN and MRIN numbers that I use in Legacy Family Tree software. I do this because in my family tree the same names often keep popping up, for instance my great grandfather was Nicholas Thiry and it seems like every branch of the family that descended from him used that name for someone in honor of him, there must be 20 or so and this is true for some other family names. Using the RIN and a letter like a, b, c, etc. for additional images pertaining to that individual ensures I keep them connected to the right individual. I use MRIN for any pictures or images related to the marriage of a couple. I usually save scanned documents such as birth and death certificates and newspaper clippings in JPEG and do the same filing for them as well. So when I go to my media file and look at a particular individual listed by their RIN I can see everything related to them all in one place. I keep the images on my main drive as well as a backup drive that I update periodically. And I usually make a printed copy that goes in my physical office file cabinet where all the folders are also in RIN and MRIN numerical order. If I have actual photographs of an individual and it isn't framed on the wall the photos go in those files as well. As long as I know the number of the individual or the marriage I can find anything.
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Dec 20, 2015