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They both have criminal record. But Lucas' record was dropped, probably because it involves a family member and it was settled easily. "Lucas" attacking the gf of his twin brother "Liam" because she was talking shit about his boyfriend Mark. Good thing, the gay one of the twin is the one who come back. To those who worship straight men, stop making Luca bi just to make him more suitable to your tastes. :p
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Can you guys give me a shortlist of openly gay SC and CF models? I am trying to avoid gay4pay performers as its a boner killer/heart breaker that's just ruining the fantasy for me. I am trying to avoid big studios like SC/CF/NDS etc because they are known to have mostly G4P performers but in posts like this that I feel like I am missing on a lot of awesome openly gay performers who are just unfortunately performing in a g4p focused studios.
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clearly shows him dating a female? are you also looking at his R.C. ig account? the one where he endorses lube and supports lgbt causes? He is a model, so he will be with girls, but a few weeks ago he is still single and looking for someone.
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If you want inside info about him, just check the IG of the lube brand wetplatinum, and search for a pic of his from 3 weeks prior. You'll see him as their man of the month. And you'll see his real name - at least what he uses as his model name. From there you can search for his IG, his older entries he is gay, his middle entries not so much but long time fans are always surprised whenever he is with a girl, then the most recent ones are gay again, with post about the lube he is promoting and his post with Caitlyn Jenner.
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I am not sure what's with his cowboys4angels account, but he is gay, at least now, maybe he is a late bloomer, a closeted case, a reverse closet case, or just plain old liar! If you check his earliest entries on his IG, he is pretty much gay, best buds with Topher dimaggio and angelo marconi which are both openly gay. His long time followers are even surprised if he is with a girl. Most of his IG post are sanitized of gay stuff, but the latest seems more gay especially his post about the lube he is promoting and his post with Caitlyn Jenner. I am personally no longer fan. If he is straight again, or gay again, doesn't matter to me. What I hate more than G4P are gay guys who can't own their own sexuality. And in his porn career, I just don't see him as an SC model. He is too old for the site. Below average across the board - face, body, dick size...
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he plays for our team! Just check his IG. He even endorses a lube brand! =D
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Nah, bisexuality is just a behavior, not an orientation, meaning its a choice. And that is not my opinion, that is based on the psychology of sexuality. There are already a few researches that discounts bisexuality as an orientation. True there are straight and gay people who exhibits bisexual BEHAVIOR, but in their core they are either one of the two. I am not discounting the grey areas between the black and white, but those are people who are just confused or still in the process of accepting the truth. Can't blame them, LGBT has come a long way but society is still not very accepting, its easier to accept you're bi than you're gay, and these "bi" are just conditioning themselves to be that way because of their special reasons. He just said he was looking to experiment with f2m trans and not really into it. And even if he is into f2m trans, he is still gay because he is attracted masculinity (transmman, not transwoman). He is attracted to masculinity (not using "men" here) because a guy who is attracted to a handsome masculine woman (transman) is gay, but a guy who is attracted to a beautiful feminine guy (transwoman) is straight.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2016 on Say goodbye to Sean Duran in gay porn at MEN of PORN
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He is gay, he said it in all of his interview. And experimenting with f2m doesn't change the fact. Him, being attracted to masculinity (and that includes f2m) is gay! I love his sailormoon tattoo on his hand before he covered it with something else (not that there is something gay with that. :p). On the other hand, men who are attracted to femininity including transwomen are straight. That's behavioral science. Like Colby Jansen for example, he is straight. People are just complicating things with other orientation labels like pansexual, sexual, or even bisexual. People are confusing orientation, behavior and identity. There are only 2 sexual orientations - heterosexual and homosexuals based on sexual attraction to masculinity and femininity, but there are tons of sexual behaviors and identities because of society and other factors like money, drugs, etc. The Kinsey Scale and in extension bisexuality falls under sexual behavior. Pansexual, sexflexible, etc are just sexual identities. Pretty sure, a lot will question my statements above, but just try to research on the psychology of sexuality. I know its more complicated than how it looks like but this is the core of it. And tons of surveys, experiments and researches only varies from perspective, but will all boil down to psychology.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2016 on Say goodbye to Sean Duran in gay porn at MEN of PORN
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Is Darin Silvers Gay? If he is then it's a tie for me between MO30 and BTH for having an all openly-gay scene. For RS, Adam is gay but that queen Austin WAS gay. He was once open being gay, but is bi-sexual now. Austin just doesn't do anything for me, maybe because of his attitude in the interviews he had,, so full of himself and lying queen!
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2016 on RS vs MO30 vs BTH on locker room sex at MEN of PORN
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