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Yeah, I’m very much expect them to know the majority of what’s working or not and be like “Yeah we know that” as well set expectations. Around the web and in reading other comments, many new people seemingly seeing the videos of game for first time, just thinking this is the finished game already and failing to realize this is very much Alpha in a very open development game. I’d be a bit more excited though if the door for me to Launch Pad 00-04 would work. At least so I can go practice crashing my shop on launch pad to properly figure out flight mechanics. Thus just getting to landing on Planet at Daymar would be a huge accomplishment.
I’m certainly not panicking in the slightest. A game of the ambition CIG is aiming for is certainly not without lots of hurdles. They do need to fix and attend to the issues in front of them vs adding new features and new implementations into the universe. I’m excited to see 3.0 it’s less buggy day by day but even a set of bugs can sap your enthusiasm. I have a station door to launch pad that for some reason don’t really open for me. That makes I tough to get to ship. It’s certainly a beautiful game and long way to go. Allot of others waiting for the game is just not as patient.
I can't play any SC currently since my next and new windows computer is my actual current mega build project for a PC for a first time builder. In the next quarter maybe. But year we'll sure have fun in SC. Don't have a Endeavor or Starliner but thats ok, be fun to hang and crew up with someone else for the fun of it all in SC.
I listen on iTunes, so it works great for me given the amount of Apple products i have and all the podcast i l listen to. Anyway your iTunes podcast now have an actual review with rating up. It's a very interesting voice to listen to on the podcast. Enjoyed the humor thought, especially on the BMM episode. Have that ship too in my hangar. Didn't take long to realize after a while that we have very similar playstyles and likely ships in common. But then again we both are Alumni of EVE as well.
I didn't know you also had a Podcast or SC Podcast. I can't say i keep up with all things blogging as blogger myself these days at the moment since i'm not exactly physically playing any games currently. I listening to quite a many Podcasts and a few SC Podcasts for quite a many months now with Versecast and Redacted to keep up on things. As a SC original backer i don't really visit and read the SC Forums barely but do keep up with it with ATV and RTV and such on youtube. I drop in and read RSI when something new and big is announced. Still always good to get an interesting Podcast to listen to that's about SC. So did subscribe and download the Podcast.
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Apr 24, 2016