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Sorry to come late to the party. I read this article including the comments when it first came out and thought it was a particularly important one. I was transcribing the points above into a comprehensive list called 'crazy shit republicans believe' and reworking it a bit, chronological ordering, typos, caps, formating, etc. and thought I should add a few: Donald Trump is our best chance to enact Conservative Ideals - Paul Ryan Trump is honest and authentic and speaks the truth. Democrats want to take away our guns Any regulation on guns is unconstitutional. Reasonable gun control laws are reasonable and acceptable right up until it matters or democrats get involved with them in any way. Voter fraud is a real large scale problem in America. People are poor because they are lazy, not because they dont have money. Only poor people want free stuff from the government. Any attempt at regulation or passing laws by Democrats is because they want to take total control of all aspects of society. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist/hate group that advocates killing white people and/or police. That former general petraeus was railroaded in a politically motivated prosecution and what he did was not as bad as what hillary did. The same for scooter libby. All those clinton scandals that lead to nothing are proof of how evil and sinister and dishonest the clintons are and how there is a double standard in law enforcement. The IRS is politically motivated. Democrats hate America, the troops and law enforcement. Its a work in progress.
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Jul 20, 2016