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Would have loved to have been a "fly on the wall" when Ita was working for Kerry Packer!
For those who don't reside here in the "West", up until his sad death of a couple of years ago ABC's Perth morning/ breakfast radio program was presented by one Eoin Cameron, a former Liberal MHR in John Howard's cabinet and as far as i know the ONLY conservative front line ABC staffer in either radio or tv in all of Australia! Eoin had been in radio before he went into politics and spent a couple of terms representing his seat in WA and only left politics when their was a boundary change and so finished up back in radio in Perth, first on a commercial station, then the ABC where he spent many years and holds the Australian record for the consecutive No.1 rating breakfast program in all of the country! He was loved by many, as shown by his ratings popularity BUT even though he was once a member of John Howard's Gov't, he was NEVER political and had many important and varied friends on both sides of the House. His quiz shows at various sporting venues were not to be missed- a very clever and entertaining compere! His radio program consisted of intelligent patter and interviews and good hearted mickey-taking, sometimes questionable "old time" music or classics and his pin-up girl was Dusty Springfield of who he was her No.1 Fan Club member in Australia and who would play her songs at the "drop of a hat". Now this was the guy who was rated No 1 breakfast announcer in ALL of Australia for many, many years! So he must have been giving us listeners what we/they liked. Then unfortunately, after a few medical problems he passed away and since then we have been left with a loud mouthed lefty,female ex reporter, in the mould of Jane Caro, and an "oh so nice, everybody is wonderful in my world" 50 year old cuddly bear male (?) duo doing the morning shift who each and every day drag out the same old topics of BLM/ climate change/ Donald Trump bad etc. etc. In other words they just parrot the words of the ABC hymn sheet! I usually listen between 7 A.M. and 8.30 A.M. to "keep my enemies closer"! In that short period of time, 90 minutes each weekday, there are the 2 comperes/ 2 sports presenters/ 1 weather person and 1 news reader employed and of course course at 8 A.M. we have 30 minutes of "A.M.". These are only the "on air" staff, i wonder just how many other "hangers on" are employed behind the scenes and just how much the total wage bill comes to? This is only for Perth and some parts of the country area- other large regional areas have their own ABC studios. Just what is it costing for the whole of Australia for the breakfast program alone??? Get your accountants on to that Ita there are squillions of dollars to be saved!
So that's why this American "tourist" bought a "By Appointment" Royal Handbag!!! She must have misheard when Oprah told her to shop at "Harrod's"- not "Harry's"!
How big is this story in Melbourne? On Perth media today we are hearing about a Victorian liquor outlet- ironically named "BLACK hearts and Sparrows" bowing to "SJW" pressure and are now refusing to sell West Australian based brewer "Colonial Brewing Company's" products and are going to divest their stores of what products they already have and give the proceeds to the "BLM" or some other race baiting organization! What next- getting one of Australia's oldest and biggest companies- "CSR"- the "COLONIAL Sugar Refinery"- to change its name? Haven't been to Melbourne for a few years and don't know this liquor outlet- but it seems reasonably big- maybe those common sense Victorians who still inhabit "Mogadishu By the Yarra" should boycott these woke stores!
Thanks for that, will try later. Am a bit down for the moment- am in Perth, had lots of rain last few days and prayed for a "Biblical deluge" around midday today to dampen the enthusiasm of the urban terrorists who are holding an illegal BLM protest at midday today. Alas "JC" must be overworked and missed my prayers- at the moment we have a sunny spell of weather!
Off topic advice- most of the video stuff posted here i cannot open- apart from You Tube. Do i have to sign up to Twitter or other social media accounts to view them? If that is the case i won't be doing that!
This snowflake, of African-American heritage(i know a contradiction in terms), has lived in Australia for 26 years, so i presume he is at least in his 30's AND he still needs "mummy's" approval of his work! Why doesn't he contact Stan Grant and find out how he has got by in the media world which, no doubt, has made him a a very wealthy individual. With a bit of luck Stan may even give him the recipe for the "Fifty Shades of Stan"!
Actually he is looking more like his REAL father every day- Fidel Castro!
I am so over all the patronizing bullshit which spews out every minute of the day from commercials in the media and Government Dept's etc. etc. on how good we are! We are being treated like "good little children" who have to be praised at every turn for metaphorically "cleaning our rooms"! Or as "Young Mr. Grace" would have said in "Are You Being Served"- "you've all done very well"! Even though i am also a returned serviceman, Vietnam Vet etc.- having watched Bert Newton's family's story in tonight's episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" it reminded me just how tough, loyal, resilient and "dinkum" the Aussies of my parents and grandparents generations were. They suffered TWO world wars AND a depression and still managed to build a great country through blood, sweat and tears. When i see the footage of what the troops (and nurses etc) in WW's 1+2 went through serving their (my) country and then coming home and restarting and rebuilding their civilian lives i am full of awe and admiration. As a "baby boomer" i think my/our generation, courtesy of our parents/ grandparents hardships and sacrifices will turn out to be the "last of the REAL Aussies! It's funny,being a swinging voter in those days, like many others i admired Bob Hawke for the intelligent, fair dinkum persona he brought to the office of PM but am getting very tired of today's so called leaders who act more like game show hosts- and that includes "Scotty from marketing"!
I tend to agree with you- even though the "look" is not good i think this "single protester" had plenty of "friends" there who just by coincidence happened to be be in the same place at the same time, phones at the ready! As soon as i saw that brainwashed young boy parroting to the cop about being locked up inside and not being able to go outside and get Vit."D" i smelled a rat! And of course then the screeching banshees erupt to add more hysteria ("my god, my god this can't happen in Australia"). Going by the number of cops present for just "ONE" protester and her kid i think they must have had info that a group of the usual "victims" with a hidden agenda were going to be there also. I don't always side with the police but as Gilbert and Sullivan penned "a policeman's lot is not a happy one".
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I remember the old "pussers" (Navy) definition of a "mistress" was the thing that was between the "master" and the "mattress"! PS- Isn't it sad, a harmless comment like that would get "rejected" on Andrew Bolt's blog!
Surely you mean Peter SLIPPER!!! How could you forget that creep's name- "the world is my oyster"!
Annaliese "van DIEMEN"! How ironic she bares the same surname as another famous explorer of what was to become Australia. As a coincidence, here in West Aussie our LABOR Minister of Health is named Roger COOK and he, along with the Premier are doing a damned good job in helping to lessen the impact of the Covid virus in the West. The Premier- Mark McGowan- ex Navy lawyer has an approval rating of 89%- says it all, and i am a "conservative" voter. By the by, Roger Cook is not a medical man himself, but his father was and went through medical school with my brother AND his grandfather was also and actually delivered me(and hundreds, possibly thousands of others in the surrounding region)and they were both part of a long running practice in our suburb! What has Victoria become with its lefty Comrade Andrew's Government? Completely different to the Victoria i knew when i was based there on and off while serving in the Royal Australian Navy in 60's and 70's and a regular visitor up until a few years ago.
Julie- being from Geelong no doubt you are living on past memories like your footy team, so i thought you would have no trouble realizing that the clip was from the opening of the "Sir John Monash Centre" in France in 2018! Oh, by the way, you wouldn't be a blonde by any chance?
Thanks for posting this wonderful,emotive bush ballad. Will have to "Google" the author- Jim Brown. Is now about midnight in Perth on Anzac Day Eve. Tomorrow is going to be really strange for me- i will miss marching with my Vietnam Veterans group, getting together with my old Navy mates after, having heaps of beer, telling heaps of lies (waries we call them) but those i really feel for are the elderly Veterans who look forward to Anzac Day so much, and i am sure for some it is their only reason for keeping going, but sadly this "one day of the year" for them has gone "AWOL" this year thanks to an over the top reaction by our various Governments. I wonder just how many of the old "diggers" will die of a broken heart!
Michael- i presume Andrew Bolt's moderators read your blog. So many times i have commented on HIS blog on this subject(and many others) questioning some of the opinions of Andrew's regular "favorites"- who come from across the political spectrum- and my comments are rejected! It seems us mere mortals are not to upset the favored "click bait" contributors, no matter how polite or valid our queries are, yet they, get carte blanche to repeat ad nauseum whatever they like! I like to read various blogs to get other peoples views and possibly reply to them- but, while you allow this i am afraid Bolt's "without fear or favor" blog doesn't and if you send a comment regarding this "censorship" that comment will be rejected also. Seems to me the ABC is not the only media outlet that doesn't like criticism!
Is Rudd "channeling" Julian Assange or is it the other way around. Doesn't really matter, they are BOTH pompous dickheads!!!
And just like the Eskimo who lit a fire in his to keep warm- Turnbull will find out..."You can't have your kayak and heat it too"!...boom! boom!
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Well picked out lyntonio- i guess her "glass slippers" were at the cleaners!
"Mandy Rice-Bishop" has a nice ring to it!
Probably arranged a "job lot" with Louise Milligan through the Melbourne University Press!
SF...thanks for that link. Just a pity it wasn't Andrew Probyn or Sarah Ferguson getting ripped up for arse-paper by Prof.Greg Craven!
Nonna from FNQ- FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND. Why am i not surprised by a comment like that? I am not an ANZAC, but i am a Returned Serviceman and respect the honor and tradition of the word "ANZAC" and it is not to be used flippantly to describe a bunch of hapless backpackers!!! RESILIENCE MY ARSE!!!
Stu- many years ago when we were in malarial areas in the tropics, New Guinea especially, the Navy used it as well. And when i was in the Merchant Navy i used to see cartons in various lockers with thousands of doses of the stuff when i was on offshore vessels that would normally be working on the African or South America coasts. I actually "sampled" a box or two to give to a friend in Lao who had contracted malaria!