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Consider the possibility, that he was drawing fire, whilst assault crews out of camera view positioned themselves. The SAA are moving in fast, and keeping the momentum. Moreover, he doesn't have to hit them, because many are fleeing their positions when attacked, and the Syrians take that into account.
I see replies to your doubts echo my own, concerning National Identity and the real cost. Your estimate is based on dollars, which is based on high GDP from high rent, high tax overheads., low productivity. The estimate is useless for Syria. Its like putting value on Palmyra's antiquities. Syria is low GDP (low overheads). and makes coast of wages and ease of rebuilding workable... especially when no one has to fund it either. Syria can create its own money for wages - it is not in the World Central Bank scheme of things; Money for rebuilding will flow with that same purpose at the head, and that means homes through to community facilities, national infrastructure. It wont flow into bankers hands. It will be used to buy bread from farmers and building blocks from foundries and mines. Faring is diverse and man folk are involved in farming - its in the people's hands, it won't need special stimulation. In question remains imports of steel and suchlike, and also machinery, which is where aid will be useful for sustained quick recovery. Syria's infrastructure haas been repeatedly bombed, and heavy machinery stolen away to Turkey. Syria remains under a trade embargo with the West. Unless that is reversed under Trump, the West won't get a look in. Which is a shame, if only because I used to enjoy the best sesame oil in the world, from Syria. Syrians loyal to the Assad presidential leadership in government, remain resident in London and American cities, ready to commence trade. I imagine a softening of trade sanctions will take place for them; however that won't support rebuilding in any key way. or major way. It may help cultural, to bring Syria directly in cultural exchange with citizens of the West. My statement above now makes rebuilding sound more like hard work than hard money. That is what it is. Bear in mind the war has been hard work, even down to agricultural level, and yet Syria has kept going, in testament to its National strength in practice.
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Dec 7, 2016