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Many man have a background and experience in math and sciences and will not allow womyn like yourself to cherry pick data to suggest a level of wage inequality that does not exist. 1. The occupations where women work more or less may vary - the time spent in some occupations is essentially the same (often in health care) while in other is may be significantly different (such as in white collar management). The rate of pay in those occupations can explain much (though not all) of the differential - you are committing a mathematically unforgiveable sin of applying a percentage to a measure of central tendency when that percentage is wildly not uniform through the data set. Shame on you. 3. The number of women in math/sciences may be equal but the career paths they take are not equal. Some of them, like my wife, who could work in private sector industrial jobs have choosen to work in public education and the pay skews accordingly. Normalizing for occupational choices - that is normalizing something that resembles an independent variable - cause much (but again not all) of the variance in salary, a largely dependent variable, to disappear. Shame on you. 4. It contributes. You know that. You just refuse to let it add to the total. Shame on you. Stop being intellectually dishonest and crying foul when you don't have the facts to support the extremism of your position. Is there wage inequality? Yes there is. But the difference is substantially less than what you are claiming.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2017 on Speechless in 2017 at On the Banks
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Jan 23, 2017