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This week's episode gives me a chance to tout not one but two relevant songs (plus a bonus song) by historical folk rocker Al Stewart. The Coldest Winter in Memory covers the Russian campaigns of Charles XII. Background: Song: Peter on the White Sea covers a near-disaster in 1694 Background (see comment at the bottom): Song: Out of our timeline is Roads to Moscow. From Wikipedia: "Roads to Moscow" is 1973 song by Scottish rock singer Al Stewart. It appeared on his album Past, Present and Future, and tells the story of the German invasion of Russia during World War II, as seen through the eyes of a Russian soldier who is described by one source as being Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Song:
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Revolutions listeners may be interested in a board game based on Belgium's industrialization immediately after the revolution. Here's a brief description: "In The Foreign King, players take on the roles of influential Belgian bourgeoisie and who industrialize Belgian provinces, build metallurgical and textile factories in order to obtain greater economic power, vote in the National Congress seeking to increase their political influence, expand its social mass and send to the provinces under their dominion at the highest authority, King Leopold I of Belgium, to revise the provinces in the pursuit of their own interests". Here's a link to the BoardGameGeek page: I hope this doesn't sound like spam as I have no vested interest in the game.
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May 12, 2017