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It's worth not having Quenneville if only because I don't have to hear and see "Coach Q" for the next few years.
Good article...good perspective on Stolarz. I wasn't happy with that trade, but... Ghost? - he's gone over the summer for a #1 pick...and he needs to go with Myers coming on - much rather keep Gudas. He's got his game going now and should be a good leader for the young guys.
Jackson and Jones shouldn't be embarrassed for what they said - the players should be embarrassed for the way they play. Sometimes, the truth sucks - but that doesn't change the truth.
I've always liked Schenn - but he just didn't play defense sometimes at 5 v 5...invisible on offense at times, too. Not sorry he's gone...someone will step up - and, hopefully, play consistent "D".
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Jun 30, 2017