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Hi Ollie, I don't find it bizarre that folk criticise the idea or parts of it. Net neutrality is, imo, important enough to mention. No harm having a wee look a a gift horse's mouth. A little awareness of some of the drawback of large companies, (google, apple, facebook) running things does not harm. This is worth a read:
Comments are now often tweets. I keep blogging cause I like the process. If I was paid in comments I'd have staved long ago. There are some interesting currents in online writing flowing at the moment and nice new stuff popping up. Three possible divisions: 1. silo-streams like Facebook & twitter. 2. medium and the like for no hassle long form. 3. Own or roll yr own POSSE/indieweb spaces, some interesting auto connecting in the last with webmentions ( probably not ready for mass use). This comment is really a post I've not had time to write and should include looks at smallest federated wiki, Dave Winer's latest stuff & known.
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Feb 15, 2015