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"...but they'll be wondering till the actuall filling if more is needed as the volume will shrink a bit under the action of the salt" > "The fermenters must not be filled more than 4/5" : The volume is actually increasing, because of the gas produced during the fermentation. If too full, the pots will overflow, and since it happened to me a couple of times, I can swear you don't want the fermentation juice on your floor. Especially when you prepare kimchi... A very safe way to try without having to buy 20 liters equipment or worrying about 50euros of carrots becoming moldy, is to get a couple of Le Parfait (no sponsorship either) type pots, the ones with the rubber on the closing lid. It works the same way : in the german sauerkraut pot, the water under the lid (and the linen, traditionally) allow the vegetables to breathe, to let the gas escape while not letting other things in. The rubber works in the same way. I'm usually doing 10 kilos of veggies according to what is sent my my family from Shizuoka (I live in Tokyo and the veggies just cost an arm and a leg). Be sure NOT to wash with tap water the leaves (cabbage...), as the chemicals in the tap water would kill the bacterias. For the Parfait system, 1 week in the kitchen (pot closed, on a plate > because of the juice) then 3 weeks in a colder place (10-18 °c...a wine cellar ?). Thanks for the very interesting blog post, once again ! (and sorry for my broken english).
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Mar 12, 2015