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This such a sweet kit!! It reminds me of when I was little and I got my first stationery set. I love all the details, it looks like so much fun!!
Well I would love for it to be spent backpacking through Europe again but with 2 little ones that's unlikely. Easily second best would be a crafting all-nighter with my sister and a bottle of red wine (oh and husband has the babies). :)
Wow these stitched projects are so sweet!! They would make fantastic little gifts or favors!! The stitched bicycle is especially lovely!
Wow so beautiful!! I love the Paper Clippings Congratulations, so gorgeous!! And the Dress Up Dolls is such a fun series!!
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Yay!! I love all the sweet birthday dies and stamps! The frosted borders look especially fun and delicious!
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2016 on Sweet Inspirations at {capture the moment}
It's truly hard to pick a favorite, but I really looked forward to seeing the DT's projects and to find out what the new challenge would be everyday! I also loved that so many of the challenges were so creative! I wanted to play along with every single one!
I love this anniversary set and the DT really knocked it out of the park!
I love the spring birds and Maile's splits set! My guess is 1109.
I love this market kit!! The stencils are so fun and so beautiful!! And the fortune teller game is such a fun idea for a challenge!
Wow I love the new additions to the memory planner, especially the symbol stamps!!
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2016 on New Moments Inked at {capture the moment}
I love the peonies and the Oh Happy Day die is gorgeous!!! So many beautiful new products!!!
Beautiful cards and what great Easter products! I love the rabbit peep! And I counted 17 eggs, this was such a fun challenge!
Wow! I love these new products. The peonies are gorgeous and I am so excited about the paper clippings series. Great challenge too! Yay!!
I love the paper dolls! I can't wait to make a set for my daughter!!
I love the tiny town concept!! I would love to make a whole tiny village!
My husband gave me my very first PTI product (woodgrain impression plate) as a gift. I was new to the stamping world and wasn't even aware of PTI at the time, but I loved my impression plate so much that I looked into PTI more and to my absolute delight I discovered more amazing products and the many creations by the awe inspiring design team. Nothing has ever been the same since.
The bold blossoms are beautiful!! And the fact that they come as coloring pages seems like lots of fun!
My favorite is the hummingbird. I love how tiny they are and watching them fly!
Wow!! I love this collection! The birthday dies and confetti are superb!! Beautiful cards DT!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2015 on Celebration Inspration at {capture the moment}
Petite places is so adorable and I love all the design team's creations!
I love the bottle brush trees and the gorgeous plaid papers!! This, again, is looking like a glorious release!
Lovely!! That butterfly pattern paper is so beautiful!
Beautiful!! I love that foiled patterned paper, so fun!!
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I do love traditional Christmas songs and must hear them many times throughout the season but I also love love the untraditional songs like River by Joni Mitchell and Spotlight on Christmas by Rufus Wainwright.
Wow!! I'm in love!! The nativity is so lovely but I am blown away by the petite ornament dies, a must have!!
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2015 on Nativity Inspiration at {capture the moment}