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Fascinating! It's likely that Pugliese's orchestra played for the audience, and probably dancers who attended. Mario Alan ("Alito" born May 13,1929) Candamil once told me that he signed up for a tango competition in Luna Park. When he heard that his friend Juan Carlos Copes (born May 31,1930) was also registered, Alito changed to the jazz category and didn't compete against a friend. Copes won the tango competition. I'd like to ask the young competitors of the World Tango Championship about the history of tango competitions in Luna Park. Most probably have no idea that there were dance competitions held in Luna Park in the 1940s on. Jantango Buenos Aires
I'm glad you mentioned your source. Ricardo Suarez was the first milonguero I recorded in 2000 with Miguel Angel Balbi asking questions. As I understand from them and many others, there were dances in the large clubs with orchestras, and milongas in the downtown confiterias with recorded music. Today we tend to use "milonga" where tango is danced. There was a big difference in the music, the atmosphere, and the level of dancing. Janis Tango Chamuyo
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Jun 27, 2015