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I've been selling cameras for 40 years now...started when A/F was unheard of and built in meters in SLRs were only on the upper end models. Agree with a lot here...never put more than 3 items on the counter, otherwise you just confuse your customer with too much choice. One thing earned me many long time loyal customers...don't sell them stuff!! I often had first time buyers who had no idea what they really liked to photograph ask me what accessory lenses, filters, etc they should buy with their camera. I'd tell them to purchase the basic camera and lens...and then take a basic photo course at the local community college and when they had decided what they liked to photograph to come back and purchase the applicable accessories. I didn't sell as much on the initial sale...but I've had customers who've stuck with me for 20 years now because I didn't try and load them up with a bunch of needless gear on our first meeting.
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Jul 15, 2015