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You made me think of a paper by Paula England, published in 2005 in the Annual Review of Sociology on Emerging Theories of Care Work that points out a few theories as to why care work, paid or unpaid, disproportionately falls on women and pays less relative to other work that demands the same set of skills. The paper covers a few different theories as to why that is, but I thought most about the “prisoner of love” framework. The "prisoner of love" theory argues that the intrinsic caring motives of care workers allow employers to more easily get away with paying care workers less. "These emotional bonds put care workers in a vulnerable position, discouraging them from demanding higher wages or changes in working conditions that might have adverse effects on care recipients. A kind of emotional hostage effect occurs." (England 2005) In other words, we all benefit from care, but care providers are often in a more vulnerable position due to having some altruistic motive. The good news is that this stuff is being studied more in the field of sociology and maybe mechanisms to combat the devaluation of care work will be studied too. On a different note, it's unfortunate that the public nature of your blog posts and tweets means that others are able to benefit from reading your posts without returning the investment. I am surprised that you don't have any ads on your blog and that you don't do more sponsored posts. Source:
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Aug 24, 2015