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If you look at the data you see that the incarceration rate is highly correlated with all measures of inequality. E.g. US, Israel, Chile and Mexico are also highest ranked in terms of inequality. You guys should go more after your 1%...
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And I thought it was only me who stumbles upon these `referees'! Where do the editors find them? On a second note, it is also disappointing to see that some editors would rely on this kind of report.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2016 on Burn! at Environmental Economics
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I also recall having heard that it was (is?) possible to buy fresh air in Tokyo and other places in Japan. One could choose between air from the Alps, the sea, etc... Given the air pollution in Beijing it does not surprise the least that the Chinese `caught wind' of this...
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It's not (really) moral hazard since noone else takes the burden of this additional risk. It is simply optimal risk taking. Same thing has been shown with NY taxi drivers: those that were fitted with new brakes and tyres drove faster. Helmets reduce the probability of head injuries, which is one of the main reasons for bicycle fatalities. So even if you take more risks i.e. are likely to have more accidents, a helmet should reduce your probability of dying overall. Thus, withdrawing helmet regulations seems strange. Mind you, since you do not hurt anyone else whether you wear a helmet or not, it is questionable whether this should be regulated in the first place. Just like smoking, drinking, dangerous sports, etc...
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The fact that Donald Trump does not believe in climate change is a Republican position which I took up here: and The fact that he also does believe that vaccination and autism are related shows that he is not up-to-date with the knowledge of everyone else in the world. Btw - one of the best graphics explaining how this whole controversy on vaccination and autism came about and the problems it caused is posted here:
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Sep 18, 2015