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And charging it like a gasoline car would also mean we would require electrical substations in place of every single gas station in the world today. Massive infrastructure challenge, and not happening anytime in the near future. Not to the say EVs have no market. They do. But they will remain a niche ~20,000 vehicle/year market and not a mass market solution. Let me explain. Today, at~250 miles per charge a Tesla Model S comes closest to the range we would typically get from a gasoline car. That Model S carries a 85kWh battery. At any given point of time, I see about 5 or 6 vehicles refilling gas at a nearby gas station. If 6 Tesla Model S vehicles had to charge up in say 6 minutes - comparable to the time you spend filling gas - the amount of power required would be 850kW to charge one Model S in 6 minutes. So, to charge 6 Model S vehicles at a time and in 6 minutes each = 850 x 6 = 5.1MW of power! Ummm, yeah, not happening anytime before you or I close our eyes for good.
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Oct 13, 2015