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Dear Bill, Hi, I saw your nice posts on this topic, and I thought I'd drop in. "But one thing is clear to me: one cannot resolve the question whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God with "a flick of the philosophical wrist" to borrow a cute phrase from Lydia McGrew (my only distaff reader?) who dropped it in an earlier comment thread. There is no 'quickie' solution here, with all due respect to Michael Rea and Francis Beckwith and Dale Tuggy et al. " Like you, I also originally took Rea to be arguing that Chrisitans and Muslims worship the same God. On a closer reading, however, he seems to be a little more careful, arguing that the arguments that they DON'T worship the same God are poor, and that whether they do is not clear enough to be straightforwardly ruled out by Wheaton's statement of faith. So, I didn't take him to be arguing positively that Christians and Muslims ARE worshipping the same God. Then it follows, in the third paragraph, that he's not begging any questions, since he's not putting forth any positive point. I take him to just be clarifying some things in that paragraph. -Andrew Moon
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Dec 26, 2015