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Yahoo is, at the moment, truncating names to single letters. Mine's currently "D," for completely mysterious reasons. And Yahoo's site is down, for making changes. (Saw the level of access the comment engine for this board demanded, to use my google account--no thanks.) Perhaps "S" is in the same boat. --J F SABL
Granularity. for a small business, paying out-of-pocket for a person's leave can be problematic--especially if you have to hire someone to cover for that person, at the same time. If two or three employees go out at once, that could be an insurmountable problem--their absence, plus the pay for their absence, plus covering the necessary tasks, short term. The FAMILY act lifts a significant chunk of that burden, by spreading the cost over time, and over all jobs, throughout the US. That sort of system is practically universal in the rest of the civilized world.
They're starting to on-shore again. So far, all I've found is socks. But I keep looking. Keep telling them the demand is there, and buy what they do make, on-shore. They'll get the message.
Yep, we were so much better off before social security, when poor old people starved, or froze to death living in chicken coops, every winter. (The USA hasn't really be the USA since 1935, in that case.) The FAMILY act is structured as a social insurance program. Yes, it's government-run. Like social security, and unemployment. It's no more invasive than those two programs already are, in terms of information shared. It's dirt cheap, for what it provides. And…a society of choices is a society that runs on "should." The reason you "should" know what's in an act before you automatically oppose it--that's because you ARE, in fact, an agent of your own destiny. If we were in a totalitarian state, there'd be no ethical or practical obligation to be informed, or make good choices. Because it wouldn't matter.
I'm really pleased that they're finally bringing in some US-made stuff--and it's high quality. Their US-made wool socks are not what you'd cheap--guaranteed sustainable merino wool has something to do with that--but the quality looks excellent, and I have high hopes for years of use. As they keep pushing to get human trafficking out of every corner of their supply chain, the price point improves for US-made, foreign union-made, and (yes) US Union made goods. And again, as pretty much everyone misses this point…Paid leave under the FAMILY act works like social security. Not like vacation pay. The small employer is on the hook for a buck or two a week, per employee. (New Jersey and CA already have a state version of this program. It works.)
That's not how the bill works. It's like social security. "The FAMILY Act would enable workers to earn 66% of their monthly wages, up to a capped amount. The capped monthly benefit would be indexed to inflation. contributions by employers and employees of just two-tenths of 1% each (two cents per $10 in wages) or about $1.50 per week for a typical worker." Basically, it spreads the proportional cost among all workers--which lifts the extra burden of "being small" off of small businesses. Read up on the mechanism, you'll like it, I think. This isn't one of those famous, "unfunded mandates." It's pretty well-thought through, and well planned-out. 
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Mar 9, 2016