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I can't decide whether Hillary or Donald best embody the Maximum Power Principle. Even though we have likely reached the limits to growth, they continue to promise more growth and rewards. The human brain is an elaborate reward sensing and acquisition organ to the exclusion of almost all else. The mind space is seemingly dominated by thoughts and plans to acquire more reward. When will we have a politician trumpeting the benefits of economic contraction? Never. It takes promises of reward to make the human brain release enough dopamine to get a person to cast a vote. Bernie's going to provide free college education for everyone, Trump will initiate the Third Reich of American capitalist dominance and Hillary has goodies for everyone. The ecosystem is already being trounced by direct impacts of technological growth, introduction of exotic species, and now it will be beaten back and forth by climate change. Even if it were possible to provide a preview of the horrors of the backside of the Limits to Growth curves for every human mind, it would soon be forgotten and reward acquisition would once again dominate even in the face of accelerating deterioration of both the ecosystem and the technological system. Even though a lot of information and complexity are being racked up in the technological system at the moment while even more is being lost in the ecosystem, it seems that in the end it's going to be a bust with much of the ecological information lost and almost all of the technological information lost. I guess we'll see.
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Mar 22, 2016