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The party responsible for the decline/demise of Caterpillar is - Caterpillar! The Senior Management of Caterpillar have sabotaged their own company, by the inability to think of the future - concentrating instead of immediate needs. Caterpillar advocated and lobbied for the Ex-Im Bank, which drove multiple nails into the coffin of Caterpillar. As a result, Caterpillar killed domestic mining, causing the loss of tens of thousands of American jobs. Their sales to foreign countries allowed for these foreign countries to steal their technology - which now manufacture their own "Caterpillar" equipment. Furthermore, this enabled these foreign countries to increase their own mining operations - basically obliterating the export market for American mining. Caterpillar deserves a far worse fate than to go broke - but unfortunately stupidity is not illegal.
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Apr 7, 2016