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So many possibilities, indeed, for him to pull out of the movie. One could simply be creative differences. Such things happen and sometimes personalities are not just a good fit during production. It could be anything and unfortunately our social media actions these days say more than we can ever say. I hope he does get a movie out this year and I'll keep my fingers crossed. I keep forgetting that he's doing the play in New York but I already went there so I can't, not until next year. I'll have to make do with fans' reactions and pictures.
I'm sorry to hear that he had to bow out of the film, and as much as I don't know anything about his current schedule, what I do know about movies is that your production schedules are set way ahead. Between pre-production and the actual production or "filming/shooting" schedule, that's a tight schedule to keep and so when a film ends up getting stuck in pre-production and there's no way for them to make it in time for the start and end dates of the production schedule, it's like a domino effect for the rest of the movies/projects he signed up for. And there's no reason for the movies/projects up along the queue to suffer because the previous one hit a snag. I have no idea if Typepad recognizes me as Morrighansmuse but it shows up as D. So if it does, or some other name, it's me. Other than this news being such a downer, I hope you are doing well, M!
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Jul 9, 2016