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Ditto on the curtains and moving the couch forward. I think the curtains now just add to the blandness of the walls. You rocked the kitchen with that amazing wallpaper print. Go bold with the curtains and I think it would help make the room feel more you.
I think there are some solid ideas here. The addition of the wood beads is a great solution to change up a few boring pots I have. Where this fell flat for me was the clay balls. Placement of the balls needs to be more random or more in-line for me personally. I'm probably just anal, but as they are placed now they seem off. Maybe they slide as the glue set. Still a solid idea and it got me thinking. The comment above about spray painting this pot is a great idea. And this post did what it should do, introduce an idea that we can all make our own. I get the criticism because of timing of the lucite plant stand being posted the same day, but they are completely different post. Not every post is a homerun for every person, but hopefully we can all keep learning. We are all human. Don't get discouraged. The inclusion of the sponsored product didn't bother me at all. I think it was placed well.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2016 on DIY Mid-Century Planter at A Beautiful Mess
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Sep 2, 2016