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Here's a tough one. I have two authors with the same surname (Robinson) and different initials (V.M. and C.). There is a mixture of single-author and multiple-author works. I know that single-author works should appear first, so I've put the two V.M. Robinson works first. However, for the multiple-author works, it's supposed to go by alphabetical order of the author's initial. So, is it correct to put C. Robinson before V.M. Robinson? Or should all the V.M. Robinson works be grouped together? This is how it looks at the moment: Robinson, V. M., 2007a. School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying what works and why (Vol. 41). Melbourne: Australian Council for Educational Leaders Robinson, V. M., 2007b. The impact of leadership on student outcomes: Making sense of the evidence. (Last accessed May 2016) Robinson, C. and Taylor, C., 2007. Theorizing student voice: Values and perspectives. Improving schools, 10(1), 5–17 Robinson, V. M., Hohepa, M. and Lloyd, C., 2009. School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What Works and Why. Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration [BES]. Wellington: Ministry of Education Robinson, V. M., Lloyd, C. A. and Rowe, K. J., 2008. ‘The Impact of Leadership on Student Outcomes: An Analysis of the Differential Effects of Leadership Types’ Educational Administration Quarterly, 44 (5), 635–674
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Oct 17, 2016