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Thank you to you, and your team, for the wonderful APA Style Blog articles, Chelsea. I find myself in a predicament: I need to cite a play that happens to feature two colons in its title. Not only that, after the second colon, the subtitle replicates word-for-word a book title from another author. Ergo, I am not sure what is the correct APA protocol concerning capitalization and italicization of proper nouns after colons in the reference list. This is a hypothetical, fictitious example of my real issue: Kids' best friend: A story of two brothers and their awesome dogs: A spin-off dramatization of Where the Red Fern Grows. In APA, if we cite a published play or book that has two colons in its title would we include both colons in the reference list entry? Would we capitalize the first word after both colons? If it is grammatically incorrect to have two colons in a title or sentence (I do not know), should we write sic in brackets after a reference entry? Also, in an APA reference entry, besides capitalizing the first word after a colon, should a writer capitalize proper nouns, or italicize book titles that come after such colons? Thanks.
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Nov 12, 2016